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From Our Principal

Recently, international exchanges have become more popular than before. I think it is important to learn each other's language, culture and custom. Soken Gakuen Kan-yobi opened the Japanese Language Course in 2005, responding to the demand of the times.
SJC is authorized by the government, and this year we have hundreds of Japanese students who are preparing for entrance examinations. I believe it to be a valuable opportunity to interact with these students. It will help you improve your language skills as well as make your life in Japan meaningful.

I hope we can be of great help to achieve your goal.

Hirotake Ishikawa, Principal

About us

SJC History and Characteristics

  • Soken Gakuen Kan-yobi was established more than thirty years ago.
  • The school buildings and facilities are all on our own property.
  • Both international and domestic students study in the same buildings. It will provide you good opportunities to interact with each other. Your Japanese skills will be enhanced through socialization. Our 2-year ,1.5-year and 1-year courses are for those who intend to apply for universities and/or technical schools. The course curriculum enables our students to demonstrate successful performance in the exams such as Japanese Proficiency Test and/or EJU(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)
  • We introduce reasonable accommodation, such as apartment houses near our school.
  • Discount student commuter passes apply to our students.


  • Direct commercial flights to Shin-Chitose-Airport (the entrance of Hokkaido), are operated from Beijin Dalian, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Inchon, etc.
  • From the airport, take the JR train to Sapporo. It takes about 30 minutes.
  • From Sapporo station, take the Nanboku subway Line for Azabu, and get off at Kita-18-Jo station. It takes about 6 minutes. Then a 5-minute walk from the station takes you to our school buildings. Our location is very convenient for students to come from and go anywhere.
  • This area is called an educational district. The most acclaimed schools, such as Hokkaido University and Fuji Women's University are within walking distance. This quiet and beautiful area will be the best for your study.

Universities and Graduate Schools You Can Apply

*Here is a list of the universities around Sapporo.  You can go on studying at any university in Japan.

Public Universities and Graduate Schools
  • Hokkaido University(department of humanity, education, law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, technology, agriculture, veterinary, graduate school)
  • Hokkaido University of Education(Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, Kushiro)
  • Otaru University of Commerce
  • Sapporo Medical University
Private Universities and Graduate Schools
  • Hokkai-Gakuen University
  • Hokkaido Institute of Techonology
  • Hokkaido Tokai Universities
  • Sapporo University
  • Sapporo Gakuin University
  • Fuji Women's University
  • Hokusei Gakuen University
  • Tenshi College
  • Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University of Pharmacy
  • Sapporo International University
  • Hokusho University
  • Hokkaido Information University
  • Rakuno Gakuen University
  • Hokkaido Bunkyo University
  • Health Sciences University of Hokkaido
  • Dohto University
  • Chitose Institute of Science and Techonology


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School Staff

Hidenori Tajima DirectorHidenori Tajima

Join us and study together in our homey but excellent learning environment.

Ryu Shoei Chief of SJCLiu Shao Ying

I will try my best to make our students feel comfortable and help you learn Japanese.

Yumiko Fukuo Curriculum Coordinator   Satsuki Tampo

Let's study Japanese together. I would be happy to help everyone reach their goals.

Hideyuki Furumoto Hideyuki Furumoto
Director of Japan-China Friendship Association(Tokyo)
Honorary advisor of Hokkaido Japan-China Friendship Association
Visiting professor at Tianjin Foreign Language University
Trustee of the Confucius Institute At Sapporo University

For the better future of the world, we are trying our best to support you.