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Outlook of our School Sohken Gakuen Kan-yobi Japanese Language Course
Address : 1-30 N20 W4, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0020 Japan
TEL : +81-11-757-5522  /  +81-11-758-5959
FAX : +81-11-758-5967
E-Mail E-Mail

About Sapporo

Modernized Sapporo

  • Although Sapporo city has a history of only 130 years, it is the 5th biggest city in Japan (The population is about 1,900,000). It is the political and economic center of Hokkaido with splendid subarctic natural surroundings.
  • Due to its geographical location, people enjoy abundant seafood and agricultural and farm product.
Sapporo Station   Hokkaido University in Our Neighborhood
Sapporo Station   Hokkaido University in Our Neighborhood

Comfortable Life in Sapporo

  • For foreign people, Sapporo is a comfortable place to live. The basic necessities of life are easy to get. High-rise buildings show you this city like Tokyo, and people can make the most of "urban life". Above all, the citizens are open-minded and very friendly to strangers.
  • The public safety is better. You don't need to worry about gun-related crimes.
  • The access from the airport to the city is convenient, too.
  Odori Park  
  Odori Park  
  Sapporo Snow Festival  
  Sapporo Snow Festival  
  Sapporo Snow Festival  
  Sapporo Snow Festival  

Four Seasons in Sapporo

  • People can enjoy four seasons: beautiful flower blossoms in spring, energetic events in summer, autumn leaves, and deep snow in winter. Many events and activities are held in each season, which you can take part in. You might also have chances to ski and/or skate in winter in our neighbor. Through these activities, you can understand Japanese society, culture and custom.
  • There are many places for sightseeing around Sapporo.  Many tourists all over the world visit the city.
Center of Sapporo   Swimming in Summer
Center of Sapporo   Swimming in Summer
Farm land in Hokkaido    
Farm land in Hokkaido