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In the Classroom

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Students' Comments

Now Studying

Jin  Ming Jin  Ming

Choosing Hokkaido to study in was the right choice. It is a good environment and every day is enjoyable. Of course, I am studying very hard.

Huang  Wu  Xia Huang  Wu  Xia

I am doing my best to reach my goal of entering graduate school. Living in sapporo is very nice.

Wang  Jia  Qi Wang  Jia  Qi

I am studying to become a nurse. I am studying Japanese while I study to take the nurses entrance exam. It is difficult but I am trying my best.


He  Meng  Meog He  Meng  Meng

It was definitely worth studying at Yobikan. I was able to go to Kanazawa medical technology school. I think i will be able to get a national nurses qualification and also a 3 year scholarship to study for it.

Zhao  Chen  Yu Zhao  Chen  Yu

I have entered medical school. I think i will be faced with many challenges but i intend not to give up.

Wang  Nong< Wang  Feng

I have achieved my dream of entering Hokkaido medical university. It is thanks to the teachers at Kanyobi. I will repay them by studying hard!

Li  Jing  Yi Li  Jing  Yi

I have graduated Sapporo university. I want to do my best to to reach my goal.


Extra activities   Extra activities
Extra activities   Extra activities
Extra activities   Exchange meeting
Extra activities   Exchange meeting